The Heroes of Smythwyck Hollow

This is the home of the legends of the heroes of the small town of Smythwyck Hollow, a dead-end dirty hole at the outskirts of the Kingdom. Many will die, but a few heroes will emerge to challenge the greatest evil in the realms.

Death Count


The Almanac

The Almanac is a collection of known knowledge, and unknown unknowledge.


0-level Character Generator

0-Level Character

House Rules


Each character is allowed one instinct. This is a short description of what the character would do, even without player prompting. Examples include:

  • At any sign of danger, I pull out my dagger.
  • I never go to sleep without checking my bedroll.
  • You can’t trust priests.
  • I always bargain for a cheaper price.
  • Never leave a chest unsearched.
    A player, when faced with an appropriate circumstance, can claim the action even if the narrative has moved on.


Each character is allowed one belief. This is a short phrase explaining what drives the character. Examples include:

  • I must get back to Smythwyck Hollow, at all costs!
  • I must protect my comrades. Without them we are lost!
  • We are all but pawns in an immortal game. Our actions are insignificant.

When the player acts upon their belief, they receive a range of bonues, from recovering Luck points to roll bonuses.

Smythwyck Hollow

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