Smythwyck Hollow

Leaving the Underworld

Wrapping up the Starless Sea

The Fall of the Temple

The Chaos Lord cursed the heroes as it lost its tenuous grasp on the animated form of the cyclopean effigy, it’s empty husk cooling from the dying fire. The beastmen, aghast at the defeat of their god, scattered down the ziggurat in tremulous fear. The lack of the presence of the Chaos Lord seemed to cause the ground to shake and swell, and the inside of the vast cavern began to crumble. Our heroes, suspecting the worst, plunged down the stairs of the ziggurat and to the ship on the beach, just in time to watch massive chunks of the top of the chamber cleave off and crash into the underground sea. For these simple townsfolk, who perhaps have never even seen the sea, the waves that shuddered towards them were more massive than imaginable. Caught up and smashed along the cavern walls, the remaining heroes all fell into darkness as they were bashed and knocked aboard the ship.

Adrift at Sea

The few that finally regained consciousness found themselves adrift out at sea. While all of the current roster hark from Smythwyk Hollow, the only remaining adventurer from the rescue party was Ferdinand. The rest were captives from earlier Beastman raiding parties, by now exhausted and starving. By good fortune, the unlikely mariner Aleister Mal was aboard, and he guided the ship to beach on an empty shore. To the South, more shoreline. To the North, a trail of smoke and signs of civilization.

At this point, it should be mentioned that Rudy Rudabega, Krellic, Beldrow, and Seaver all contracted Chaos Taint, but none of them lived long enough to see its effects.



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