Smythwyck Hollow

The Curse of the Black Pearl

An adventure avoided

Landfall at Harbor’s End

Making their way North from the beached vessel, the castaways came across the small town of Harbors End. Splitting up, three different groups went three different ways.

Rumble at the store

First things first, one group headed straight for Freddy’s Outfitters to use some of the lucre from the Chaos Temple to purchase clean clothes and equipment. Things did not go as smoothly as hoped, however, after Berrel vaulted the counter to attack the proprietor. Unfortunately his attack was wild, and Freddy quickly bashed him into unconsciousness. Krellic went outside to try to smooth things over with the collecting townspeople.

Just a quick desecration

Ferdinand, meanwhile, headed for the waterfront and the small shrine dedicated to the ocean goddess Marqua. His religious fervor impelled him to mess things around a little.

At the harbor

Merchy and Crowde explored the harbor, meeting up with local drunkard Lanker the Liar. In talking with Lanker the Liar, the characters found out about the strange once-in-a-millennium tides occurring, causing The Fingers to be more exposed than usual. When exposed suchly, the long-lost Tower of the Black Pearl becomes accessible. But before more could be found out, the commotion at the store started in earnest, with the local militia showing up.

Casting aside Krellic’s attempts at diplomacy, Ferdinand skewered the militia leader with his pitchfork. Beldrow joined in, killing another townsperson. In the resultant battle, both Krellic and Merchy die. Ferdinand and Seaver grab as much as they can from the store before they all run to the waterfront. Not fully appreciating the lascivious glances from Lanker, Crowde quickly kills him before they all steal Parsal the fisherman’s boat and head out to sea, leaving behind what they would now all call “Murdertown”.

Rowing to the Fingers

The row to the gnarled, pointed rocks was uneventful, as the heroes quietly contemplated their ruin of the small town. If there were any moral doubts, no one felt comfortable bringing them to bear.

Soon they spied the Tower of the Black Pearl, a rough rectangular shape, black against the skyline, extruding from the tallest of the spires. Only when the celestial bodies are right does the tide lower enough to access the tower, and even as the heroes approached the tide was at its lowest and starting to rise. Moored on the far side was a larger ship, flying color marking it as a pirate vessel. They decided to check it, only to discover several pirates were stationed at the top of the tower with bows. Seaver took an arrow and died, without anyone really knowing who he was — his desires, hopes, and fears. Ferdinand, ever hopeful, attempted a Word of Command, but his god Sun-Ra ignored his call. Beldrow found that climbing the side of the tower was more difficult than he expected, ending his otherwise uneventful life. Luckily the crafty Aleister made it to the top, where he killed one of the pirates. The remaining pirates, unleashing a flurry of arrows, killed both Berrel and the goodman William Borth.

Let us take a moment to mourn the loss of William Borth, one of the last remaining first-generation characters. He shall be missed.

Fortune began to favor the heroes, as Adonrum and Ferdinand make their way to the top of the tower. Adonrum landed a good blow, but it wasn’t good enough to finish the pirate.

At this point, Crowde leveled up, although I’m not sure why. I suspect it was the “Last Character” level up rule.

Never mind, Let’s Go Somewhere Else



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