Father Beacom

Greyrock's Priest of Justica


Father Beacom is the priest of Justica at Greyrock. A thin man, with the cruel face of a hawk, the Father believes the Hound is retribution for the town’s sins. He stands in the town square, from dawn to dusk, shouting that the world is ending and that the villagers have only themselves to blame. A sinner’s sole salvation, the Father declares, is to forsake the material world for Justica.

Father Beacom is served by two acolytes, Brother Aker and Brother Haams. Both have taken vows of silence, and follow the Father as he marches through the streets, whipping themselves as penance for their sins.

The Father has little tolerance of priests of other faiths, but he eagerly welcomes devotees of Justica, offering them and their allies aid and sanctuary.

Father Beacom

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