Greyrock is a moderate-sized town on the West coast. Its large harbor has blessed the city with some wealth, concentrated in the merchant quarter at the North of town. The town is currently under the control of The Jarl of Greyrock, who since the arrival of the Hound of Greyrock has lead with an iron grip.


The Waterfront

Usually active with sailors, stevedores, and other undesirables at all times of the day, the Waterfront is dirty and dangerous. The actions of the Hound , however, has reduced the number of people in the city, and the number of ships willing to port. The Harbormaster was killed weeks ago, leaving the Waterfront unregulated and empty.

Places of Interest

The Slums

Greyrock is home to many sailors, laborers, dongfarmers, and many miscreants and low-lifes. Most of them call home the Southeastern side of town, a loose collection of ramshackle shacks and lean-tos densely scattered in no discernable pattern.

Places of Interest

The most interesting places on this side of town often come with a swift knife in the back.

The Merchant Quarter

Raking up the Northeast side of town towards the far hills, the large stately houses here command a view of the harbor. These houses are often walled and guarded.

Since the arrival of the heroes, a large section of this part of town has been burned to the ground.

Places of Interest

The Town Square

Located just up from the Waterfront, the Town Square is the hub of the town. Originally the market and auction-field for trading between sailors and the hillside herders, a small livestock corral still exists on the North side of the square. The square these days is mostly deserted, save for a few scruffy mongrels that pick their way through abandoned market stalls.

A locked strongbox sits atop a short wooden post in the middle of the square. A tattered banner displaying a sable wolf rampant hangs forlornly above the box.

Places of Interest


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