Smythwyck Hollow

A Foulness in Fairhaven, Part 1

A mystery develops

A Meeting with the Balancers

Waking in their locked quarters – all but Ferdinand – the party were summoned to their feet.

The party had a brief meeting with the Balancers , in which the party was thanked for their service and told to collect the usual token from the porter. As they left, Aleister called out that they would be “down at the tavern.” Roob collected the token, and they left the inner citadel.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand spent the night in The Sign of the White Stag. Heading in the direction of his only clue, the Street of Urns, he met some resistance from the guards outside the The Citadel. But all was well when he ran into the other party members as they left the inner citadel.

At least, it was for a moment. Roob set into Ferdinand, demanding all of his money – or Roob would tell the agents of Justica that he was a cleric of Sun-Ra, surely assuring his imprisonment. After much sotto-voce argument about what to do next, Ferdinand attempted to summon food, and failed. But his evocation of the name of Sun-Ra drew much attention to themselves.

Heading to the east side of town, the party ran into Balay, another Beadle for Justica, who invited them in to join his family for food. They also got directions to the Street of Urns, and headed straight there.

The Street of Urns

The Street of Broken Urns




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