Smythwyck Hollow

The Hound of Greyrock, Part 3

Another town left in ruins

The Party Splits Up

Just to spite the DM, the party split up.

The Hut Team

Aleister Mal, Flookus the Noble, Shorty, and Choppy all were hanging out with The Mad Widow Ymae in her hut. They gave her the lock of hair from the fresh corpse, and she quickly weaves it into a larger skein. Handing it to the adventurers and rubbing the weeping sore on her cheek, she reminded Choppy of his promise to marry her. Shuddering, the adventurers left the hut and headed to the altar stones, keeping in mind the witch’s advice to “bind and pierce” the Hound.

The Stones Team

Armed with the skein from The Mad Widow Ymae, Ferdinand, Roob, and Ubgnord arrived at the standing stones, where they created a makeshift wickerman to place on the altarstone. Ferdinand cut himself, to smear blood on the wickerman, but cut a little deeper than expected. Hiding behind the standing stones, they awaited the arrival of the Hound of Greyrock.

The Hut Team arrived just in time for the arrival of the Hound, and the battle was on. Ubgnord, grabbing the skein, raced straight at the oily beast and grappled it. Unfortunately the beast quickly ripped Ubgnord apart, and another hero was downed. Our heroes had no time to mourn, as it attacked Flookus the Noble and killed him as well. Choppy grabbed the magical yarn while Ferdinand attempted to Command the Hound, with no success.

Fearing total decimation, Shorty yelled “run!” and turned tail, to be joined by the aged Roob. Ragmus hefted the hammer and took a swing at the Hound, only to miss. This proved to be a fatal mistake, as the Hound ripped Ragmus apart.

Choppy, meanwhile, threw the skein over the top of the Hound to Aleister Mal. Ducking around the yarn, the Hound lunged at Ferdinand and felled him in one swipe. Fearing the worst, Choppy and Aleister Mal finally bound the Hound with the yarn, holding it down as it thrashed against the binding.

Lurking at a distance, Roob slinked over to Ragmus’s still-warm corpse, and lifted the hammer from his stiff fingers. Furtively watching the battle, he retreated back to the town.

With Aleister Mal holding down the Hound, Choppy hands a fierce blow, and the Hound writhed into greasy smoke. It seemed like they had won the battle, and they took to checking the corpses of their fallen comrades. Defying fate for a second time, they discover that Ferdinand wasn’t dead!

Back at the Inn, Let’s Set It On Fire

Staggering into town, Roob made his way to the inn. Drawing the terrified townspeople towards him, he weaves a gripping tale of single-handedly defeating the Hound. He called them to obey his orders as the new leader of the town. When the rest of the adventures arrived, they were confused at this turn of events, but quickly fall into line — all but Aleister Mal. Aleister Mal isn’t one to suffer untruths and deception, and called Roob out.

For some reason Ferdinand sobbed here.

Fearing exposure, Roob led the team away from the inn. His sovereignty wasn’t to last long, for overnight the Hound returned and killed more townspeople. Realizing the ruse, they all descend upon the liar Roob. Seeing both a need and opportunity, Ferdinand set the inn on fire, and the adventurers ran to the docks, set all but one boat on fire, and set sail in the remaining boat. The raging townspeople were silhouetted by the burning buildings, their deathly fate sealed by the return of the Hound.

Exeunt Omnes

The weary adventurers let Aleister Mal take the helm, and headed north up the coast. Although trailed by a ghostly ship in the distance, the trip was uneventful. Soon they spied the city of Argenne, where Roob is to deliver his message to the Citadel of Argenne.

The Big City Lockup

Argenne was the largest any of the adventurers have ever seen, though it was but a small city. Once again splitting up, Ferdinand headed straight for The Sign of the White Stag, while everyone else followed Roob to the Citadel. Greeted by Fenseer Mordagit, they are quickly offered refreshments and hospice, taken to quarters, and promptly locked inside — and offered no reason why.

At the inn, Ferdinand strikes up a conversation with a grizzly local, who tells him to “seek the Street of Urns”.

By this time, the adventurers are so far off the rails of any pre-written adventure, and the DM was in total free-fall. We shall see if any narrative sense can be made of this.



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